What I have been busy with…

Pardon my absence recently! I have soooo much to update. What a fabulous week.

First up…

I have graduated!!!!! Do you like my fancy cape and pretty bonnet?

Me and my beautiful parents!

And my grandmother!

It’s the feeling of one milestone to another. It has always been my wish to graduate before getting married and at the last minute, I received notification that I have graduated. Just seeing my proud parents and grandmother at the ceremony brought a tear to my eye. Standing up on the stage, I cannot help but feel a sense of accomplishment. The promise that I made to God, my family and myself… The visualisation that I have done in 4 years.. and there am I standing up there. Surreal.

And of course, we have been busy with our wedding preparations. Can you believe it?
We have

46 days more to go.

I have become a walking, talking, sleeping, working wedding planner now. After slacking for the last 6 months, we are on full speed! Meeting up with co-coordinators, checking photos, buying furniture, new bed sheets, flowers, menus, sitting plan, invites, ceremony programs, gifts…the list seems endless.

But I’m really excited.

a tad stressed but excited.


  1. SIG says:

    Me too love this pic of you and AR. So spontaneous and natural. You look like your mum, Daph. 🙂 Congrats girl on your graduation!

  2. jeanniebayb says:

    Congrats! I remember submitting my thesis, graduating, starting a job and getting married all in one year myself! That was one busy 2004 for me 🙂 You guys look happy, and I must remember to check back on your blog for wedding photos!

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