My battle

I hesitated posting this but felt inspired to do so this morning. Perhaps it has been my nightmare for so long that resisted me from racking it up but I think it’s about time.

I fought with obesity for many years. As a little girl of 7, i remembered feeling frumpy compared to my lean peers. My weight shot up and before I knew it, i was in the TAF club-“Trim and Fit” OR if you read it backwards “FAT CLUB” during my teenage years. I was the girl who couldn’t do lifts or push ups. I could run my 2.4 KMs and sit ups but failed everything else. It was my fault, no one shoved food in my mouth. It happened and I wasn’t proud of it. (although secretly i really couldn’t resist granny’s cooking… )

People teased and I used a braved front. It allowed me to explore other avenues. I acted, sang, spoke, accepted leadership positions. I appeared ‘fierce’ and refused to let teasing continue. Of course it has an impact on my self-esteem (afterall, I had so many crushes on guys and no one liked me.. *sobsob* so sad right? ;p) LOL.

That taught me a lesson however (i mean the weight thing not guys!). It reminded me that one should look deeper into a person. The person should be looked at on a whole. It shaped my choice of career.

It also made me want to be a stronger person. I refused to be the friend that should be pitied. I want people to like me for who I am.

Anyway, BACK to the picture above. I took this with ADRO Australia Biggest Loser. He appeared on a weight lost TV program that helped him to lose weight. His story was inspiring and I had a chance to take a picture with him at a recent health seminar that I attended.

Maybe that is why it inspired me to say this! haha

Anyway, I took up running and gym work during my uni and postgrad years (well..still in postgrad). Since quit gym but maintained the running. No soft drinks or KFC during those time. Still ate chocolate and carbs though! 😛 Took me 4 years but I lost over 30kgs.

I still love food though! Which is another reason why I’m maintaining this place. I believe we can eat what we want and still maintain a healthy life-provided everything in moderation! If I eat more, I try to run more. I have my weak days and strong days. Ultimately I Love God, Love Food, Love Life!

And i still love my grandma’s cooking. LOL

So I achieved one of my dreams as a young child to be at a healthy normal weight. AND being able to shop! goodness me! The first time I walked into a Singapore Store and managed to find something that I can FIT in and it actually looked nice!… I was overjoyed! haha. Well- I’m a girl afterall! LOL

So enjoy food and life everyone! Celebrate! Have fun! =)

*PS-I’m not being sponsored by anyone to write this post.


  1. Ruthie says:

    well, sweetie…fat or thin, we still love you…

    and I don’t know how you can stay off soft drinks and KFC
    I’m a self-professed junkie…so anything goes to me. Though, I’ve not touched my coke in ages…but I still have my potato chips and blah blah…

    so…why ain’t I losing the KGs!?
    hmz…ok, maybe it’s because I don’t run…

  2. Shayne says:

    good for you and I have to say I wish I had the self confidence that you had (or appeared to have) when I was younger. I was thin but not strong.

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